Specialists in financial appraisal and planning

and establishing accounting systems



Expert appraisal of your financial position and goals

¤        We review your current position and accounting procedures

¤        We recommend and implement changes to make life easier

¤        We brainstorm with you where you would like to be

¤        We suggest what you will need to get there and how to go about it

¤        We give you the tools and support to go and do it


Up-to-the-minute financial information

¤        You will know your position at all times

You can take timely action and make plans with confidence

¤        We can guide you through budgeting and forecasting

¤        Accounts become a tool for the future instead of a story about the past

¤        We aim to make you as self-sufficient as you want to be


An accounting system that is correct from the start

¤        The system is right first time, and it remains valid as your business grows

¤        We prepare accounts that are correct to the penny

¤        Accountants and auditors will not find nasty surprises

¤        Accountants’ bills are reduced and you build a reputation for competence

¤        This inspires confidence in bankers and potential investors



Contact us at Definitive Accounts Ltd


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